The Sound of Wood

The Sound of Wood

Costa Rica / South Africa

I have had an interest in Marimbas, ever since my introduction to the instrument by Kholeho Mosala of Asazi in 1995. My interest grew after meeting Credo Mutwa in 1999 and spending many hours listening to “Baba” talk about the old stories of Africa. It was a privilege to have been able to spend so much time with him. I even went on to create a house at Rustlers Valley called Marimba House, named after the Goddess Marimba.

Princess Marimba was reputed to have ruled her people with Music and Joy. Ma – Mother, Rimba – Joy or Happiness or Music, Ma-Rimba – The Mother Of Joy

Woodwork is in my blood, all of my ancestors were woodworkers. My years of work with ceremony and music has brought me full circle, back to a place where I do what I love. Creating beauty and joy with wood in my wood-workshop. I follow the teachings of Princess Marimba and create unique musical instruments with special woods of the forest, exploring the sounds of the woods. I am currently building contemporary, Mozambique/Shona, style marimbas with wooden resonators. I also create other instruments such as Drums, Shakers, Berimbau, Didgeridoo, flutes.

Marimba 36

Marimba 36, 9 key Ironwood, tuned to F# Major, soprano with Stinkwood resonators.

Marimba 27

Marimba 27, 9 key Ironwood, tuned to Pentatonic scale, with Tun-able Yellowwood resonators.

Marimba 28

Marimba 28, 9 key Rosewood, tuned to Pentatonic scale with tun-able PVC resonators(No buzzers).

Marimba 30

Marimba 30, 9 key Ironwood, Pentatonic scale with tun-able Blackwood resonators and buzzers.



Choosing the right wood


Cutting, shaping, joining, all the way to polishing…


Everything about fine tuning the marimbas for the perfect sound.


The process of crafting resonators to enhance the sound and bringing the feel of Africa.

1. Creating the Frame

1.1 Choosing the correct wood
1.2 Cutting the frame components
1.3 Cutting the legs
1.4 Assembling the frame

2. Creating the Keys

2.1 Choosing the correct wood
2.2 Cutting the keys to length
2.3 Tuning the keys
2.4 Fine tuning the keys

3. Creating the resonators

3.1 Choosing the material for the resonators
3.2 Cutting the resonator tubes
3.3 Creating the Buzzers
3.4 Creating the resonator plugs
3.5 Assembling the resonators

4. Final Touches

4. About the Final touches.
5. Tuning the resonators and buzzers
6. Packaging and shipment

Like what you see?

If you are interested in buying one of my marimbas, then please contact me. I enjoy creating Marimbas specifically designed, tuned and created with interaction from the buyer. I will interact with you during the Marimbas creation on Discord or Telegram and make sure that the instrument that you order is to your liking before sending it off to you. Please complete the form below and I will get back to you.


We build marimbas according to the buyers needs.


We build all kinds of Drums. Big and small.


We create various small percussion instruments.