The Unfolding Story

The Unfolding Story

My journey with Ayahuasca, the teachings & experiences of my life’s path.

  • Ayahuasca / My Story

    Ayahuasca /  My Story

    Ayahuasca / My Story My journey with Ayahuasca began in 1996 and has continued to influence my life until now. I have not spoken publicly about my personal experiences with Ayahuasca; however, I now find myself in a place where I have more time and will begin to write my story. My son is in … Read more

  • Where the F#%@ is Rustlers Valley?

    Where the F#%@ is Rustlers Valley?

    Where the F#%@ is Rustlers Valley? Rustlers Valley was an infamous South African community that sprang up in 1992 with the Annual “Rustlers Valley Mountain Music Festival” later to become the “Rustlers Easter Festival”, which drew thousands of people by the year 1998. The festivals were created by following the trend of the Glastenbury festival … Read more

  • My first Ayahuasca experience

    My first Ayahuasca experience

    My First Ayahuasca Experience My first experience with Ayahuasca was in 1996, in a Tipi in the foothills of the Maluti Mountains in central Southern Africa. I had no idea what I was getting into, but I had been told that Ayahuasca (or ‘Ayawoshca’ as it is known by some South Africans) was the mother … Read more

  • Adams birth

    Adams birth

    Adams Birth Adams Birth 02 02 2003 4 am It was Saturday night, the first of February 2003. We were expecting our child to arrive any day now. We had done all the preparations necessary to have a water birth. This was most certainly the day that my life changed. I became a father. It … Read more