Sloth Lounge

Finca Camino Nuevo / Monteverde / Puntarenas / Costa Rica
29th -31st January 2021
  • Fri 6pm Temazcal/dinner/introduction
  • Sat 9am Breakfast
  • Sat 11am sharing/instruction
  • Sat 1pm Lunch
  • Sat 5pm Ayahuasca ceremony around the fire
  • Sunday 10pm brunch
  • Sun 11am: sharing and closing.

We begin the weekend gathering, with a purification in the Temazcal. Nixiwaka has been holding Sweat Lodge since 1994 and will share his medicine and songs in the lodge, preparing our bodies for the ceremony tomorrow night.

We will share a soup and bread after the Sweat Lodge. All food will be salt and sugar free until breakfast on Sunday morning. It is best to abstain from sugar, salt, alcohol, red meat, oil and spices for a day or two before the ceremony.

The ceremony will be held on Saturday night around the fire in the Sloth lounge maloca, beginning at 5pm and ending late. Nixiwaka has many years of experience holding these ceremonies in South Africa. He will be supported by Keith and Adam, sharing the songs he has gathered on this medicine path and weaving the new ones from the CR community.

We will share breakfast and close the weekend with a final integration/sharing on Sunday morning between 10am and 12am.

Cost is $185 incl Accomodation/food/Ceremonies. The weekend is limited to 14 participants. Please contact Keith if you would like to participate: Telegram +506 8449 9282