Nixiwaka portals

Welcome friend…

This site is an experimental portal for me to be able to share my stories, experiences and teachings with friends and interested readers. I trust that some of my experiences may offer others insight into their own path.

The Unfolding Story

Follow me through my journey in discovering the plant teachers. This is an open ended story that I am slowly writing and publishing from time to time.

“pura vida”

The Pachamama, peace-marimba project.

These pages are currently being expended as the project evolves. Now based in Costa Rica, Nixiwaka is producing Diatonic Marimbas to local schools and teaching the history of the African Marimba. You can follow the process here.

The Sound of Wood

Exploring the natural harmonics of wooden musical instruments.

Authentic hand-crafted, wooden instruments. African Marimba’s, Drums, Percussion.


General information and resources and guidelines regarding sacred ceremonies.