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Join me, on this journey with fire & sound, hangout with me in the sloth-lounge or discover my blog, interviews, talks, music, crafting pages. A portal to a new dimension of creativity & interaction.

A window has opened in the flight path for me to be able to travel to Costa Rica to be with my son Adam. I need to raise $2500, with urgency, to cover my travel costs. We will spend our time teaching local forest communities about the Sound of Wood. If you wish to support my venture, then please

Sloth’s Treetop

Sloth’s hangout zone. Interviews, chat, blog…

The sound of wood

Specializing in authentic hand crafted Marimba’s.
How they are made? Tutorials, stories, production.

This is the Fire

Live Music Streams.
The Spirit of Fire!

Namo Ninja

Your trusty tech pal!
Websites, PCs, Security and more…


A regenerative forestry project, burgeoning community, and living learning center.

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