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Welcome friends

If you are reading this page, you probably know me or were recommended to visit here, please feel fee to hangout with me in the sloth-lounge or explore my unfolding blog, talks, music and crafting pages. This is an experimental portal to a new dimension of creativity & interaction.

If you would like notifications about upcoming gatherings and events in the Sloth-Lounge in Costa Rica, Mexico, Brasil and South Africa then please join the Telegram channel by clicking the link at the top of the page.

Sloth’s Treetop

Sloth’s hangout zone. Interviews, chat, blog…

The sound of wood

Specializing in authentic hand crafted Marimba’s.
How they are made? Tutorials, stories, production.

Adams Art

A portal into Adams art creations

Namo Ninja

Your trusty tech pal!
Websites, PCs, Security and more…


A regenerative forestry project, burgeoning community, and living learning center.

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