About Nixiwaka

About Nixiwaka

Nixi and Adam

Nixiwaka (59) is a South African-born facilitator with many years of experience with ceremonies in various contexts, influenced mainly by his initiations into African, Brasilian, and Native-American shamanism.

Combining his music and life experience with traditional teachings, he creates a strong group focus in ceremony and opportunity for the creative expression of newness, invoked by dedication, innovation, empathy, and respect for the ceremonial origins.

He was introduced to the shamanic world through the sweat lodge in 1993. Many practitioners consider the Sweat-lodge the first shamanic tool, gifted to humans as a place of knowledge, a place to contact the spirit world. So it remains the heart of Nixiwaka’s work, a foundation that supports the structure of a community coming together for intentional healing rituals.

Conducting various sound healing therapies and ceremonies since 1994, Nixi is a fine percussionist and Didgeridoo player and found his calling to healing through the powerful tool of sound. Throughout 2008-2010 he organized large drumming workshops with West African drum masters, building a personal relationship with the sacred African drum.

Nixiwaka is a registered traditional healer in South Africa who spent the last thirty years exploring various experiential aspects of ceremonial and spiritual healing. He has studied and practiced with medicine teachers from Southern Africa and South America. He explores consciousness, self-sustainability, regenerative technology, enjoyment of simplicity, and maintaining a firm connection to nature.

Today he lives in Costa Rica and spends most of his time creating Marimbas for the local school children. He loves creating sound from wood and teaching children about the origins and functions of the Marimba.

Nixi currently continues his work with ceremony and support for his son Adam’s study of the Amazonian cultures from his base in Costa Rica.