Ceremony schedule at FCN

The schedule for the weekend ceremonies in Monteverve:

We like to begin the weekend with a Sweat Lodge. This will usually happen at sunset on Friday evening followed by dinner and a talk.

Ready for the Sweat Lodge

On Saturday morning around 9 am we will share breakfast. We will spend the day together, getting to know one another and preparing ourselves for the ceremony.

Prepping lunch

Lunch will be served at 1:30 pm. Nixi will give a short talk on the origins of his work with Adam and some guidance for the ceremony.

We begin the first ceremony at 6 pm on Saturday evening, closing between 12 midnight and 2 am.


On Sunday morning at 8 am we will share breakfast and begin our second ceremony between 10 and 11 am, ending at sunset when we will share dinner and hold a closing circle. People may sleep over again, in their place, and leave on Monday morning.

Monteverde Sunset