About the Sweat Lodge

The Sweat Lodge

I have been pouring Sweat Lodges since 1994, building them in different ways, experimenting with alternative styles of building, and have created some interesting lodges over the years.

Thatched Sweat Lodge in construction, 2003 / Pretoria

The Sweat Lodge is a shamanic tool. It has been made sacred and incorporated into many cultures, religions, and spiritual traditions. It has also become an important tool for purification in today’s world and has been used by many intentional communities who are seeking a sustainable environment and practice Earth healing and restoration principles.

Sweat Lodge Circle, Brasil / 2015.

I learned a lot from my friend Credo Mutwa who was one of my favorite teachers. He spoke at length to me about the ancient traditions of the Sweat-hut in Africa and inspired me to create them. I followed his instructions for the building of the Lodges which we called ‘African Sweat-huts’. This structure produced a convenient space to hold Sweat Lodge ceremonies. The thatch grass we used was thick enough to keep the heat in, but there was always plenty of oxygen in the lodge during the ceremony. I built many lodges in this style which you can view some of them in my sweat lodge photo album here.

Credo Mutwa, Rustlers Valley Tipi village / May 2001