About the Sound Journey

The Shamanic Sound Journey

Sound-Journey cannot be explained linearly, with rational words, because it is not a linear or rational experience. You can say, yes, there was a gong, a didgeridoo, rattles, Tibetan bowls, a shaman drum, a voice…… but to name the instruments is as meaningful as describing a forest by the plants that grow in it. It is not a concert, although there is music. It is not a meditation, although you sink into altered states. It is not even a performance because there is no true audience; each person in the room is an integral part of the experience. It is and is not a ceremony. Perhaps the most accurate word, if we must use one, is it’s own: a journey, a shamanic journey, initiated, in the oldest sense, by the extraordinary, consciousness-altering magic of sound.

Nixiwaka has worked with Sound for over 27 years, exploring healing from physical, energetic, and deeply spiritual points of view. He has worked with spiritual teachers from many cultures.

The Sound Journey is an experience of shamanic healing. It is healing that occurs on the deepest levels. An emotional-spiritual letting go. Diving deep into the beauty inside, we tap into our basic physiology, connecting body, mind, and spirit.

It differs from listening to music, in that the purpose is not to imprint but to de-imprint, unwind, let go and be totally in the moment with the vibration of the sounds. To have the brain trigger the deepest chemicals of ease, harmony, joy, and bliss.

The greater underlying intention in these ceremonies is to acknowledge, feel and experience our spirit bodies. When groups of people come together and focus on their intent, it becomes a potentially powerful and creative situation. By doing these ceremonies we gently weave a web of connections between those present and all of our Relations (all of creation). Participating in such a ritual is an intimate adventure into our spirit reality.